2016: Reinvention of america.

We are going to change the format of our website and Revinent Our website like we feel the America Nation should revinent.

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President Obama State of the Union speech not only one of the greats speech he has done during his presidency, but also one that stir the war against the GOP run congress and senate. The president speech was not about things he has done or some dream speech like many before him but instead he talk about what he was going to do with or without congress and how he was going to leave the office after his last term. While many criticize the speech many do not really know the purpose or strategy he did to the congress and public that led the fastest republican response ever to try to get the american public support which was led by Sen. Joni Ernst from IWOA. We will cover that in a different story for now lets cover the speech and point out the facts and let you the views decide.

The first thing Pres. Obama Announced that he plans to take head on the senate and the Congress that is currently controlled by Republicans to pass a bill to raise the taxes on the 1% and lower the taxes on the middle and poor class. While this is not a new concept many presidents in the past have raised the taxes and lowered or at least create loopholes for middle and poor class but also created more loopholes for the 1% to continue having their money. If the bill would pass the Senate and the Congress this would be the first time in a decade that any President attempts to reform the tax system, but if not the bill would show the american public that Obama legacy would not be greater in his last term in office. The current tax system allows the 1% pay only 44% on taxes while the middle and poor class pay almost the same equal amount of taxes by coming in behind with 38% on taxes. As you see here this isn’t much distance between the richest people in america. The new reform Pres. Obama suggests would increase the 1% president tax rate at 55% while lowering the 99% tax rate to 28% which would give many more income during tax season.

The next main focus on the STOU was the fact that Obama mention key factors that are not negotiable to his mind for America to become better in the education field, especially to those who can’t afford prestige 4 year universities. That was a big shocker to many as the Reports came in a day before the STOU which said that Pres. Obama wanted to make Community College free only the two years to those who really wanted to get a better education which would allow many Americans to afford college. He gave a great personal story of a typical Middle class family who not only went through tough times during the Recession but also fought to continue to provide other options for their family to survive in a struggling economy and how Community College was a big role in there new future.

The whole speech of Obama was not only a great one but it made lot of americans see the one thing that not only was not mention in the speech or even after his speech how would we a America who is not only struggling and rebuilding our Economy build this Enterprise that Pres. Obama wants? Yes some of the Money would come from the new tax reform but the whole new budget He would want is 392 Billion dollars that is not only heavy number to some Americans but also to many Economist. Not even the tax system would Generate enough money to support the new Education Reform that Pres. Obama wants. Take this last year America brought in income 1.915 Trillion dollars and the money that was distributed outside was 3.287 Trillion Dollars that means not only would we have to pay off our National debt but Generate more ways to continue building more income to our nation.

The other Focus in the speech was in Foreign Policy which back fired on him right after the announcement that IRAN signed a Defense pact with Russia. The thing I Found more intriguing then the speech itself is that the speaker of the House John Boehner didn’t have the guts to to let the American public and President know that he didn’t agree on the plan of No sanctions on Iran after the entire speech was given. Especially when our whole entire allied countries are not only about to get into another prolong war but also trying to fix major boarder issues in the Western seaboard of Europe. The path that the speaker took was not only out of line but also uncalled for due to the fact the situation in the middle east is very intense and Israel has done nothing to help in our war against ISIL, Boko Haram, or AQAP which now has full control of Yemen. Not only has the whole nation of Israel not help out in war effort against terrorism in the middle east but also do not contribute airstrikes or solders to try to maintain ISIL back. So why bring a foreign Nation to decide US affairs? I ask anyone this since when does another nation have the right to interfere in our countries decision not only is Pres. Obama against this idea but also right about what the congress did is wrong and someone should pay with their job. Allowing a Foreign nation to dictate US affairs has not been done since the old days of Britain.

With this I have one question for the Republican Party and the speaker of the so called house of america Who do you serve the american people or the Israel people? May I remind you that it was the american people who voted for you and who made your party win the senate over the Democrats and yet you put the fate of US affairs to the hands of Israel who has no say in these internal affairs.

With the speech of Pres. Obama gave us a choice to ether undo the recovery we have done for his whole entire term of the President. the choice is go back to economy of war that will triple our debt or will we invest it on our own Nation to reach back to being the only Superpower in the world. 

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Yesterday President Obama gave his Immigration a reform that he promised during his campaign back in 2012 Now that the Democrats lost the senate, He decided to take action before the new Representatives come in. This isn’t far fetch that a president doesn’t touch actions of immigration back in 1986 Reagan Reformed immigration and there were no objections by the party, Later on George W.H Bush senior did the same and the republican party went on board with Him on that also on spending most of our money on a Decade of war. Then later on his son continued to reform immigration but failed while Obama, Reagan, and George W. Bush senior didn’t give in but yet they took executive action to get the reform the people were not only promised but wanting. Yet the speaker of the house has said that Obama is using illegal actions and overriding his power which is wrong, Obama is doing what any good president would do which is giving his promise to his voters and to people who have been suffering due to Republican officials like John Bonher and Mcain. The people who have been in the shadow who just want to have a good life like the family and more are being deported treated like animals by the authorities because why they aren’t americans? What is american? Americans are people form not only of every nation but also of every culture. I would be disgusted to know my Representatives aren’t helping the poor people who don’t want  anything more but just to live here and work for the same life as a middle class person.

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Canada Shootings: Radical ISIL

First, off our prayers go out to Canada and the families of those were loss. Second this is another attack of how far ISIL ideology is attacking hurting innocent people. Third we hope that the people who were frighten and scared for their life know that this is the danger we are facing all over the world, not just America or Europe. ISIL has been trying to claim more innocent lives mainly by using western to come out on their recruitment  video the reality of it is that they are misleading about everything. In Fact most teens who join ISIL lose there lives by friendly fire or by bomb suicide.  They Have died and not have gotten any proper food if the Koran and ISIL says that they are fighting against infidels then why are they allowing western people to join their ranks? Western People are consider Infidels so where does that leave the innocent people who were radicalized by this ideology, well the best bet is that ISIL will not only use them but they will put them on the front lines to die or they will allow them to be sacrificed as a beheading if they lose there primary hostages. ISIL is not only a mafia run organization but it makes millions in months. We have to put back the fact that without any American Intervention we will win this threat we need to put boots on the ground even though Obama and many western leaders say no, the fact is that till we show them our commitment to fight against them just like the Taliban they will not stop to murder our families and there threats around the world.    

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Ebola: Why is the CDC compromising the American Nation.

American Television media news stations have been reporting several worldwide Ebola cases crisis since September of this year. It leaves us a question to our American public — Is it time for America step up to fight against this “un-cure” disease and close our nation’s borders?


According to CBS News, Dr. Kent Brantley and his assistant Nancy Writebol, are the first Americans patients infected with Ebola who brought to United States from Africa. The success of both treatments led to two common understandings: Human beings will survive Ebola with necessary specialized treatment; secondly, hope will bring a greater chance of human survival. 


Perhaps the death of Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian who became the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States on September 30, 2014, concluded America is not well prepared for Ebola explosion. On the other hand, The United states Director of the CDC, Doctor Frieden, stated, “The chance of Ebola coming to the united states is extremely low.” 


The explosion of Duncan’s death resulted the risen of public questions about our own health safety. Should we close us borders completely? Will banning our international travel provide a safety environment for us all? John Earnest, White House Press Secretary, announced, “White house is currently not considering travel ban as an option as now. We have added multiple screening procedures for our people’s protection.” 


Doctor Frieden believes, “Americans has rights come back to state. People have rights enter this country. There will never be zero risk unless we sealing off international travel.”  


Will the United States become more secured and safe without International travel banning? Will international travel banning cause great loss to our economy?


First of all, International Air Travel Banning brings reassurance of national protection and safety. By reducing chances of Ebola outbreak, Rumors and Myths of Ebola would bring to end. According to CNN news, 62% Percent of Americans believes International travel should be restricted. 


With this in mind, November midterm election is coming up. For self-interest and self greater benefits, President Obama, will not banning international travel that may result to lower presidential approval rate. In other hand, congress and parties would be blamed if international travel banning bill weren’t signed. 


International travel banning would interrupt medical and humanitarian supplies being transported to the affected countries, as well delay medical train personnel to arrive in the countries.” Indeed, United States Military benefits us to transfer food, medical supplies and goods to foreign continents and also minimize interaction between Ebola infected countries. Simple as it is, Doctor Frieden’s “interruption theory” could proven to be wrong. In current urgent Ebola Explosion, Well-known airline service companies: Virgin America, JetBlue, Frontier, United, American, Delta may serve flights for domestic travel.


“I am not an expert but allowing a deadly disease that has killed more than 40,000 people in a third world country. But imagine its Damage to a First world country, one that is advance like the United States. The economic effects of international travel banning will decrease revenue from urban cities like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C.


In New York City, airline workers have strike at LaGuardia International Airport due to unprotected working environment. An airline worker, Linda, has explained her concerns, “We are afraid. We don’t have enough protection for our working environment. I don’t want Ebola infected any of my family members.” When I ask employees if their opinion on international travel banning: 76% of the employees agreed to a greater cause. 24% percent of the employees suggested providing advanced equipment.


We, the human beings, have responsibilities to help those are in need. As citizens of America, we have our right to banning international travel. Maybe the CDC and government are whom we should blame. I urge Dr. Frieden to see that his compassion towards Ebola harms us Americans. International travel banning will brings peace and reassurance to us all.

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