Ebola: Why is the CDC compromising the American Nation.

American Television media news stations have been reporting several worldwide Ebola cases crisis since September of this year. It leaves us a question to our American public — Is it time for America step up to fight against this “un-cure” disease and close our nation’s borders?


According to CBS News, Dr. Kent Brantley and his assistant Nancy Writebol, are the first Americans patients infected with Ebola who brought to United States from Africa. The success of both treatments led to two common understandings: Human beings will survive Ebola with necessary specialized treatment; secondly, hope will bring a greater chance of human survival. 


Perhaps the death of Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian who became the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States on September 30, 2014, concluded America is not well prepared for Ebola explosion. On the other hand, The United states Director of the CDC, Doctor Frieden, stated, “The chance of Ebola coming to the united states is extremely low.” 


The explosion of Duncan’s death resulted the risen of public questions about our own health safety. Should we close us borders completely? Will banning our international travel provide a safety environment for us all? John Earnest, White House Press Secretary, announced, “White house is currently not considering travel ban as an option as now. We have added multiple screening procedures for our people’s protection.” 


Doctor Frieden believes, “Americans has rights come back to state. People have rights enter this country. There will never be zero risk unless we sealing off international travel.”  


Will the United States become more secured and safe without International travel banning? Will international travel banning cause great loss to our economy?


First of all, International Air Travel Banning brings reassurance of national protection and safety. By reducing chances of Ebola outbreak, Rumors and Myths of Ebola would bring to end. According to CNN news, 62% Percent of Americans believes International travel should be restricted. 


With this in mind, November midterm election is coming up. For self-interest and self greater benefits, President Obama, will not banning international travel that may result to lower presidential approval rate. In other hand, congress and parties would be blamed if international travel banning bill weren’t signed. 


International travel banning would interrupt medical and humanitarian supplies being transported to the affected countries, as well delay medical train personnel to arrive in the countries.” Indeed, United States Military benefits us to transfer food, medical supplies and goods to foreign continents and also minimize interaction between Ebola infected countries. Simple as it is, Doctor Frieden’s “interruption theory” could proven to be wrong. In current urgent Ebola Explosion, Well-known airline service companies: Virgin America, JetBlue, Frontier, United, American, Delta may serve flights for domestic travel.


“I am not an expert but allowing a deadly disease that has killed more than 40,000 people in a third world country. But imagine its Damage to a First world country, one that is advance like the United States. The economic effects of international travel banning will decrease revenue from urban cities like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C.


In New York City, airline workers have strike at LaGuardia International Airport due to unprotected working environment. An airline worker, Linda, has explained her concerns, “We are afraid. We don’t have enough protection for our working environment. I don’t want Ebola infected any of my family members.” When I ask employees if their opinion on international travel banning: 76% of the employees agreed to a greater cause. 24% percent of the employees suggested providing advanced equipment.


We, the human beings, have responsibilities to help those are in need. As citizens of America, we have our right to banning international travel. Maybe the CDC and government are whom we should blame. I urge Dr. Frieden to see that his compassion towards Ebola harms us Americans. International travel banning will brings peace and reassurance to us all.

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